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Student Testimonials

Read how students reflected on Mamatography™ Photo Workshops by Vicky Scesa

"I just completed the Photography Basics Workshop via Skype with Vicky. I am getting immediate results with my photography! The lesson was not overly complicated but covered terms and settings that I had no idea how to use before. Vicky was so down to earth and made everything so simple to understand. My favorite part of the lesson plan was how she solidified my learning through talking me through situations that I will encounter with the type of photography that I like. For all you mom's out there with expensive cameras that you don't know how to use, Vicky will teach you how to get the most out of your camera! I look forward to taking my next lesson. Thanks Vicky!
Tulsa, OK

"I am an Etsy seller who does well but struggles with getting even good photos. Luckily for me I became acquainted with Vicky. We spent an hour on skype where she explained to me what I needed to do to improve my photos. She did some specific things that anyone would benefit from.
-She looked at my photos before we met to analyze some of the things I am doing wrong and what I could do to improve. In other words she came to the lesson prepared.
-She also was able to address my camera, which is just a point and shoot, so that she was able to know the capabilities of the camera I am using now. She also advised me on an upgrade when I am ready to commit.
- She is positive and did not talk down to me although I know very little about photography.
-She helped me choose settings one by one and try them during the lesson to get the desired results.
- At the end of the lesson she gave a summary from her notes taken during the lesson that helped to make things clear in moving forward.
It was so helpful to me. I am still experimenting with some settings and light but I am improving and was even able to take some photos of small jewelry I have wanted to list for a long time but have not because I could never get a clear enough photo. By the way, both pieces of jewelry sold the same day I listed them. Without hesitation it is the best money I have spent to improve my skills to upgrade my Etsy shop."

Kate, Utah
Covent Garden Vintage & Supply

"I had the pleasure of taking a webinar class with Vicky. She was very professional, got right into the lesson with ease, and was on point about the topics we were discussing. I highly reccomend from beginners to professionals to come and check out Mamatography! What an awesome help it is!"
Vancouver, WA

"I had a great time at the Local Workshop. Thank you Vicky. It was very informative and I can't wait until the next one!"
Kristy, Willows Garden Baby Props
Ft Lauderdale, FL

"The Photo Workshop yesterday was fantastic, Vicky! You explain everything in such an easy way. I learned a lot! Thanks again!!! :)"
Ft Lauderdale, FL

"Vicky, I really enjoyed the Photo Workshop. You are a fabulous teacher, sharing your vast knowledge in an easy, understandable way. Looking forward to another workshop."
Miami, FL

"I took group lessons with Vicky- what a great experience! We put together our own group of "moms" and spent a couple of weeks learning everything from sports action shots (indoors and out), to lighting and composition. Vicky was patient, detail oriented, dependable and wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in having fun learning how to capture priceless memories that go by WAY too fast!"
Miami, FL

"Vicky's a Photoshop GENIUS, stellar teaching skills!"
Palm Beach, FL

"I had a photography lesson with Vicky and I had a great time. She tought me the basics of the camera I was going to take pictures with, she even wrote them down for me so I could take it home! And then we shot, and it was fun, I took pictures of what I enjoyed which is fashion/beauty. Like of store shots, manicans, jewelry! I am a teen, so I defiantly recommend her to any other teen who is interested in learning photography!"
Boca Raton, FL