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Photo Mentoring Webinar

Image of Photo Mentoring Webinar


This Photo Mentoring Webinar session is available for Mamatographers who's learning needs exceed that of the "Basics".

In these sessions, you will have an open playing field to customize the information you are looking to learn. Here, Vicky Scesa will answer your questions and fill in the blanks where you might be struggling with technical issues regarding your camera or editing and retouching your photos. This includes screen sharing sessions using Photoshop and Lightrooom.

This workshop will take place on Once reserved, you will receive an email invite to attend your webinar.

Ready to reserve your lesson? Just add this item to your cart. Vicky will receive an immediate message that you've made a purchase and she will respond promptly via email to set up your session(s).

You may also send a message to Vicky through the contact page on this site. Please include your full name, email and camera model if applicable.

All purchases are safely placed using Pay Pal.

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